Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

WEll I am done.  I finished work, and I have gotten my new shoes.  1 pair of Natural balances and a pair of clogs that look great.  I got some bottled water and I have a blanket and flashlight for safety bag (Liz’s idea).  I Had dinner and put the garbage is out and if there is anything that is not done can now wait until I get home on Saturday.

I am leaving here at 5 am and hope to be at Jim’s by 9:30.  Of course I only told Jim in an email and text message and yet he still calls to ask.  He was trying to figure out logistics because he has to take Jamie to the dentist and he wanted me to join him to pick up.  So when I get closer to the town I have to call.

I am just going to finish watching NCIS and hit the sack.

I will check in tomorrow night.


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