I made it

Well Mom,

I made my road trip.  I was on the road after 5:30.  It started to rain and it came down at hard pace by the time I got to Greenwich.  Almost an hour later I was at Tappan Zee Bridge and on my way.

The ride wasn’t bad I managed to go the speed limit to 60 miles an hour the whole way.  The snow started when I got to Southern NJ.  It really wasn’t bad.  It was nearly 9 when I got close to Allentown and Jim suggested I head to Wegmans and wait for him while he took James to the Dentist.  After a while it was time for us to leave.  I followed him back to the condo.

I met his cat and we had an interesting hour while Jim took James home.  She played hide and seek for while and I just hung out or emptied the car.

When Jim came home he said the roads were terrible.  So we were not anxious to go out for lunch so we ordered pizza for lunch.  It was just about then we got a visit from the Storage place movers and for the next half hour everything Jim had shared in a storage unit with Claudia was in the house.

After that was done we relaxed and took some naps.  JIm wasn’t feeling that well.  So he needed some rest.

We went to a restaurant for Dinner called Morgans we were joined by James and Emily.  The roads were still messy but we managed to be safe.  We each had something different.  We were the only ones there except for a party.

after dinner we had to go to wegmans fro cough syrup.  The cough I have been experiencing was really annoying me.  It seemed to do the trick for most of the night.

WE went to bed by 9.


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