Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Do you remember about a year ago when UNH was shut down because of a gunman?  Well  this past november the man who did it plead Guilty to Federal Weapons charge.  I can’t believe it was a year ago this week all  this all happened and shortly after the same event occurred at Yale.  Of course it turned out to be a hoax if I remember.

Work went well.  The mail volume was normal for mid-week.  I was able to work on the re-address mail for a long while.  I don’t know if I will ever catch  up this time.  There are some more personnel changes are going on.  Staff members are being moved to new positions or returning to old jobs.  I was able to find my ID and its contents.  It was on my desk.  The VP of the University announced her retirement.  That process should be interesting.

Most of my dinners consisted of frozen meals and easy peasy stuff.  Cereal a couple of days ago and last night was ravioli with Ragu sauce.  It probably will be the same tonight. Yes I know it I am desecrating your cooking with jarred sauce but I haven’t made it in years and coming home at night to make sauce is unrealistic.

I surprised myself this morning by getting up at 5:30 and stripping the bed and doing some laundry.  I even managed to get the dishwasher going.  I may have to do a load of my old clothes so I can put them in the bags to be given away.

I got a bill from the lawn guy yesterday.  I knew he had been there this past week because the flower beds looked different and the roses were gone.  The lawn had been mowed as well.  This along with a few other things will be paid in the next couple of days.

After work I ran and did some errands before going home.  I had to do some banking and then I dropped some papers off to Liz.  She was sleeping and Nel was watching TV.  I didn’t stay long because I wanted to get my plaquenil and I wanted to get home.

It was starting to rain and rain hard.  I guess it is going to be doing this all night.  I am glad I am not going out for the night.

The rest of the night will be quiet..


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