Dear MOm,

How hard can it be to search and shop for a new mop?  I know we have a swiffer mop and the other steamer mop but in the entire time you have had them in the house I haven’t used them and putting those pads on them seem daunting.  I don’t want to spend this kind of money on it.  I just want the one with a sponge and squeezer.  I am not sure I want to get this one either.  I guess I am just going to have to look at the ones here and maybe get some supplies for them.

Liz called a bit ago our plans changed for this morning.  We are going to get together after the sing-along.  It won’t be too late.  She has a friend coming over for “brunch” at 11:30 so she can’t do it now.  It gives me more time to clean up a little.

Well I better get back to the cleaning and getting to the old clothes that I have in the other room.

Take care,

Love Me


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