Busy Couple of days

Yesterday was an incredibly long day.I woke up early for no reason in particular.  It actually is becoming a blur but the day was pretty good and work was busy.  Some stuff different day.

After work I headed to Roberta’s to pick up her contributions to the club party lat night (she had a prior commitment) and then I went to pick up the wings I ordered.  I got to Telka’s  a little while later.  I am trying to remember if there were girls already there or not.  ANyway we wrapped the gifts for the residents at the nursing home and then we ate before the meeting.  Jolyn came as well..  We had a lot of fun  Before we left it was starting to snow.  The girls were all excited and claiming there would be delays.  I am sure they were disappointed this morning.

The snow was a dusting and covered the ground until midday today. It was still cold when I left.  It looks like we might get some flurries tonight.  The beginning of the weekend should be nice.

Well more happy news is Diane and Rogier got married this afternoon here  There is one picture that Rob posted and Jim showed me a couple of pictures pre ceremony including his roommate. A Gecko lizard.  I will post the picture later.  I do hope jim will send more pictures.  They did have pre-canon activities pictures.

Liz is resting comfortably tonight after having tubes put into her ears today.  My first joke to her was “can you hear me now?”  I am sure she rolled her eyes because she couldn’t really hear that well yet. We talked about tomorrow night.  She had invited me to the KOC/St Mary’s Christmas Party but I already had plans to go to the VA in West haven with the Woman’s club but that fell through.  Liz still reissued the invite but I declined and hopefully will be working on some THank you notes and CHristmas cards.

I have gotten some lovely CHristmas cards in the last few days.  Two came for Mom.  The most recent one was today and I will be sending one back with one of those prayer cards.  I am sure this person had sent a condolence card (I am pretty sure we said some thing to them). I think I will do some now since there isn’t anything on the TV tonight I want to see.

Actually my shoulder has been hurting for the last couple of days.  So has my legs and my ankle felt like I was about to snap it.  I think it has to do with the cold but also the lupus.  The ankle seems to be okay right now but that can change like it did today.  My neck has been hurting too.

Dinner was simple a smart one dinner szechuan dinner? It was good.  I am tempted go down and get a cupcake but I don’t to “feed into” that temptation.

Well I am going to write out some Christmas cards since there is less than two weeks for Christmas..

Good Night.


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