A beautiful Morning

This morning was sunny and chilly.  There was no snow when I got up either.  I knew there wouldn’t be.  There won’t be any snow this weekend.  I am kind of glad because I had errands to run and the gift delivery.

I Found out my hairstylist is going to be a Mommy in May!  She was going to tell me the last time but she wasn’t showing then as she was today.  I am so happy for her.  The next time I see her she really will be pregnant.  That’s going to be in late January.

AFter the hair appointment I stopped at Adams and picked up a new mop.  While I was there I ran into Pam.  We talked for a short time.  She still has the cold I mentioned a few days ago.  Apparently it goes back and forth between them.  I came home and relaxed for a few minutes and then vacuumed the kitchen and Bathroom.  I then washed the bathroom floor.  I had to get on my knees and that hurt and frustrated me.  I also was having problems with the door to the laundry closet.

For some reason when you tighten the screws on the door knob it doesn’t allow the doorknob to turn (as if it is locked) now I was getting aggravated by this because I had a short time to get ready for the gift delivery.  So its is a little loose and I don’t close it all the way.  i really hate that door.

I called Liz and Nelson as I was getting ready to head to the Nursing home.  Liz was sleeping but would be getting up and getting ready to go out for KOC activity tonight.  I asked Nelson how last night’s went and he said it was great.  I also asked him what candle scents she likes…He wasn’t that helpful…so I am on my own for that one.

The gift delivery went very well.  Joanne was there today.  She was insisting that we start at 2 and Telka was a little annoyed by that.  But as the time grew closer we were able to start before 2.  The whole thing took about an hour and we still had many left over.  Nicole and Jacqueline and Santa came.

After we left I headed to the store and got some dinner.  I was all set to get chop meat to put into beef patties.  instead I found packaged of four.  I also got some sliced cheese and string cheese.  I had one pattie and the others are still in the package with aluminum foil wrapped up on top.  It should be okay.  I didn’t feel like having two tonight.  I am eating cheese and some pickles.

My shoulder started hurting earlier tonight I am not sure I want to do too much tonight but the pain can be shooting and then goes away for bit.  I have taken the meds..I might do a couple cards before it gets too late.

I had wondered if Jim had gotten home yet and so I sent him a text message and he was still in PR.  His flight wasn’t for another hour.  He sent me a picture of a wild horse galloping along side of his car today.  it was beautiful.

I got  a very cute Christmas card from the Mayor and his family today.  THey had a picture of their children including their youngest T who was born three months ago.  I will be sending a card to them soon.

Well I have some dishes to put away and straighten the kitchen a bit so I am going to go…

Have a great night.


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