Taking the plunge

Well I have finally decided I am taking the plunge and becoming a pet owner again.  Liz has been telling me about these two black longhaired 5 month kittens at the pound.  She saw them again this week and wants to give them to me as a Christmas Gift.  They have had everything taken care of.  I am going to meet them Saturday.

Now my head is racing to make sure the house is kitten proofed and cleaned.  I also looked at supplies and food.  Which is the best food and kitty litter?  Where do I put the litter box (it’s going to be in the downstairs bathroom).  Liz suggested that I would need two and place the other one upstairs..  That makes sense.  She is also taking the stance to wait until after the holiday and maybe look elsewhere as well.

Some of my co-workers that I Have asked have said I don’t need a whole lot of toys or even scratching posts (yeah don’t think so).  I do know I am not spending on $150 on mansions for these Babies.  I even looked at this place for cats.  I had to ask Kim what she thought was young and whatever,  I am considering joining any cat groups on yahoo.

When I wasn’t thinking about the furbabies I was working.  It went pretty well.  Got a lot done.  The readdress mail was low in volume not as much as I Have done in the last few days.  The topic of the Recess week surfaced several times today.  Many are not working even though we are open.  I plan on being there.  I need to now that I will have mouths to feed.

As of right now.  The only days we are not working are December 24, 25 (duh) and the 26th.  I am not sure what the following week will be like.  Probably the same way.  The 29th, 30th, and then Jan 2.  Not sure about January 31 though.

Tonight I am going to work on the Christmas cards.  I got some lovely ones today.  Two from DTC people and of course family.  Not sure how long my energy level will last though.

Well that’s the news for now….


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