Today was our holiday party

Christmas paty with Friends 12192014

The Christmas Holiday Committee went all out this year and sent invitations back in November for the luncheon that was held in three different areas for availability.  They even had tables so that we could sit and mingle and eat.  The menu included ziti, chicken, eggplant rollatini,  potatoes, salad, and dessert.  We all received lovely coffee cups with the University Logo on it

Liz called me and told me there were two sets of kittens from different litters that there are 3 months old and 5 months old I think she told me they were tabbies.  Anyway we will see them tomorrow.  After work tonight I went to Petco and got “supplies” that included a scratching post, 1 set of dishes, two litter boxes and scoopers. and a cat carrier.  oh and I forgot to mention the 25 lbs of kitty litter.  It was too heavy to bring in. and will tomorrow.

Since I have been home I put the boxes in the rooms I want them to be and straightened up a few places and closed off some of the rooms.  Now this is going to sound a little out there but I swear I heard a cat meowing.  I called Liz and I Think she thinks I have lost it..  Maybe I just imagined it.

Tomorrow I am going to get an early start on stuff.  Make sure things are still in place in case I do bring the kittens home.  There also may be a good chance I won’t bring them home too.

Right now though I am so tired and achy I need to go to bed.


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