Making Progress

When I came home tonight to the kids (felines) I spent about an hour with them.  Actually more with Sky and he let me pet him and after a while he would lick and then start to bite.  Eventually he came out from under the footstool that Mom put in there and has some of her clothes in there.  He also tried to bite me but not too hard but I told him no but Liz says that’s all part of it.  I found Tiger-Lilly’s latest hiding place lower bookshelf in Mom’s office.  I tried to get her out of there to check her out from this morning but she took off again.  Didn’t have time to chase her again.


It was around 5:30 when I got here.. It was lightly raining but not that bad.  Packy was waiting by the door and Preston was barking in the other room.  i just talked with them and then picked up Packy and took him about back just as the instructions read.  Then I took Preston out.  He was well behaved and didn’t growl at me.  Dinner was okay.  The same routine they get into (Preston stayed on his side).  Right now though they are both in the other room and I am here on the computer.  I will take them out one more time around 9-9:30.


Once again I am not doing much as far as preparing for the gifts or sending out cards.  I am too tired and I just want to vegetate for a while.  So I am going to do that….


See you in the morning.


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