Christmas night

I had a fairly good evening, I enjoyed my time with Cheryl and her family and of course the kids.  I stayed until about 5 and then headed back to west haven to See ethel and the kids.  I even got to see cousins I hadn’t seen since Mom’s funeral.  Ethel and the kids gave me a wallet for Christmas.  After that visit I went home to check on the kittens.  I managed to see Ghost for about ten minutes.  She was on Mom’s office chair.  Where she went after that no clue.


Then I came back to the pups took them out and then went to bed not too long after that. I was feeling blah again anyway.   I took the Nyquil and it worked for a while.  I am going to take it again tonight too.


Today was a better day.  I still sounded like a frog but I spent time at both houses and I got some more Christmas presents from the Dolans.  Clothes, and cookies.  I hung the clothes up and showed Shannon Sky.  I did look around for Ghost but no luck.  Liz says when I spend more time there it should be better.


While I was there cleared out the litter boxes and did some vacuuming and load of laundry and watched TV and of course played with sky a while.  I also got some emails sent out and received some as well.


when I left i headed to Subway to get dinners.  I ran into Phil V and chatted with him for a bit.  Then I picked up my sandwiches.  I started to eat them when I got home and after I took one of the pups out.  The other one already pee’d.    As it got closer to dinner I took the dogs out each and then came in and fed them.  They preety much mate ate their dinners with no problems.


I received some texts from Olivia asking about the animals so I sent her their pictures.  I couldn’t get a very good one of the mouse so I will do it in the morning when the light is better.


I got into my pajamas and washed my clothes and have been watching TV for awhile.  We are not going out again tonight.  That might be a problem but I just feel like crap right now.


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