I don’t think the NyQuil worked that well

Because I haven’t stopped coughing last night  I think I ate something that triggered as well.  I went to Stop and Shop and picked up some food for dinner (onion rings, chicken wings and pot stickers) and they were all good.  I also got some hummus and chips.  Something there must have triggered the cough.


I had  no problems feed the dogs.  While Packy ate i took Preston for a walk (he had already finished his dinner) by the time I got back someone had already pooped.  I have already had to clean up the floor already.


Anyway haven’t done much except watch TV and try to sleep.


THis morning the pups were in their places but they left me some packages.  I got them both out this morning after that.  Preston is usually very good about not pooping in the house.  I missed something that’s for sure.


When I got home today Sky was waiting for me on the top of the stairs.  I got him fed and a short while later Tigerlily came out.  I did go looking for her at first and she wasn’t in in her newest spot but she was upstairs here.  SKy now knows about the other bathroom.  He wanted to go in there.  Not a chance.  He does know how to get up on the bed and he does get into the clothes bag.


I had to stop and think where the vouchers are for the procedure for the cat were.  I found them in my appointment book.  I need them for their appointment next week.


Bingo went well.  full house and marnie was there.  One of the residents pissed me off though and I did apologize but I also let Marnie know too.  I was trying to encourage one of the volunteers to speak loudly and one of the residents moaned about it. This isn’t the first time she has done this.  Its not high stakes bingo.  But by the time I left it was resolved.


I stopped at Liz’s while she was getting ready for her afternoon lunch with her classmates and we chatted about kitties, family, and the weather.  She also gave me a bag of newspapers for the litter boxes since I don’t get many newspapers.  I also picked up my gift from Cheryl.  Candy, cookies, DD gift card, and gloves.  After a while I headed home.

When I got home the kitties were both in the closet.  They came out during the time I was there.  I managed to pay a couple of bills (that I have to mail) and worked on the computer.  I also took a page from Mardi’s book and called my nephew in Florida.  I don’t know how long we chatted but he was a little hard to understand (he tends to mumble).  What I did get is Heather went back to work already and he is on leave for now  but is returning soon.  They won’t be coming up for a while until they get their finances back in order between their wedding and Diane & Rogier’s Wedding it really strained it for them.  We hung up  with promises from me to call them again soon (not sure how that’s going to work considering I barely call my own Aunts).


Before I came back to the pups I got some clothes together for the next three days.  Not so sure regular jeans are going to cut it this week.  When  I was leaving I got the distinct impression Sky was getting upset.  He kept rubbing up against me and the bags I had.  So I held him and kissed him and told him I would be back soon.  Tiger could give a crap still.


When I got here the sun had virtually disappeared.  The pups were either on the bed or waiting for me.  So were their afternoon gifts.  I got those cleaned and sat down and opened the spinach dip and had some chip and dips.  Preston was not impressed.  I let him lick my fingers but I refused to give him more than that.  As it is I have to wash the sweater.  Its a mess.


Around 5 I walked Preston and then fed the pups.  Now they have been barking incessantly.  I will have to go find out what’s going on.  I think they want my attention and they should have it.


I am going to watch more of what’s ever on and then head to bed early since I need to be up early to walk the dogs and feed kittens and then get to work all by 8.


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