Just Remembered Something

I was driving back to the pups tonight and the sun hadn’t quite gone below the horizon and I looked up at this cloud formation and I swear it looked like a huge bird flying.  As I am sitting here writing the first thing was a Phoenix but it wasn’t bright red.  It just looked beautiful to me.


The temperatures today were in the high 40’s today.  It didn’t feel like a real cold winter day but it will in the days ahead.  There is no rain or snow in the forecast for this week but it is supposed drop to the 30’s this week.  The first week of January is a different story though.


I joined  Pinterest tonight.  Could someone tell me what I should do next?  I picked my interests and already found a cute thing about kittens.  Sigh I miss the kittens tonight.  I even tried to share it with facebook but it didn’t work.  Actually I tried a second time then it worked.


The pups had a barking session that lasted a long time.  I sat with them and Preston just sat on the bed but not close as he usually does.  He already stood on me and dug his nails into me…I don’t think he felt appreciated when I asked him to move.  Now they are quiet.  I think I will go back and finish watching TV.  The legs and arms are kind of stiff tonight.  I have taken the meds necessary for now.


Well Good Night!


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