The kitties have discovered the chains to the cuckoo clock and have been playing with it.  They have finding new places to look as well.  I did manage to close off the spare room again.  I stuck paper in the door by the handle.  I had to try it a few times.

The minute I woke up I got the sheets into the wash and have been folding clothes I left there from last night.  I watched Charmed and then did some chores.

The sun took its time coming out today but I took the opportunity to do some vacuuming and straightening up because it will be a few days before I can do it again I think.

I got an email from Telka regarding club activities.  SHe asked me to to book a date for the carnival at the nursing home (Who knows what the new name will be if and when they change it) and the Shelter Dinner at Beth-El.  I told her I could do it this afternoon.

Once those phone calls were done I relaxed for a bit before getting a call from Liz.  We made tentative plans for me to drop some mail off that needed her attention for Mom’s stuff.  I finally did the bathroom and spare room.

I showered and left around 3:30 for Liz’s and the store.  I bought more than I should have on some levels and some of it was for work.  It took me about an hour to shop and then got home.  Sky was waiting at the top of the stairs for me.  He came down as I was putting the stuff away.  Eventually so did TL  They walked around and ate some more food and i had my dinner.

As I was cleaning the kitchen and getting some peppermint tea i called Liz.  We talked about the tea and shopping and then her plans for tomorrow.  SHe has to watch Nelson 3 as he isn’t feeling well-again.  I think Olga has  a point about day care.

Now I am lying on the bed and Sky is asleep at my feet.  Tiger I think is downstairs somewhere and I am hoping I fall asleep soon.

I have to call the garage tomorrow.  The engine light never turned off today so that clearly means I need to do something.


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