Guess who got up on the mantle at 3 in the morning?  That’s right Ms. Hellion.  It was her second time but this time she knocked over stuff like Bob’s picture from his wake, gifts that belonged to Mom that  are now broken or chipped.  I put them on the kitchen counter I don’t know what to do with them now.  I also moved the ceramic basket with Mom’s get well cards on to the kitchen counter.  Hopefully they will stay away from the mantle.  (Yeah Right)

Work is going pretty good.  We have a returning co-worker.  She worked in Registration and was a source of annoyance for me at one time now she works under Patti. Gargoyle is pushing me again and it is starting to annoy me.  I am doing what I am supposed to do and I am tired of her saying “X wants this done”.  I did let Susan know what I was doing and she seemed to understand.  I got most of it done but there is a pile there that needs to be done.

I had a good session with Debra tonight.  I told her how work is going.  I told her how I spent my weekend and how the kitties have been going and how I have been dealing with these challenges.  WE agreed it has been good thing.  I did tell her that Liz can make the February 3 session.  I just have to remind Liz and Debra as the date gets closer.

I had a rather weird experience on the way back to the car.  The church bells started going off and it sounded a little like the start of the theme from AMerican Tail.  The song wouldn’t get out of my head and I got a little emotional.  It passed once I got to the car.   It has always gotten me a little emotional but it also made me think of Mom.   Of course what do I do?  find the video of the song and watch it and start to cry.

I got home around 5:30 and started dinner.  I broiled  the lamb chops and cooked up some mixed vegetables.  It was delicious.

While I was waiting I called Liz and Nelson.  Liz wasn’t home yet from Killingworth but I wanted her to know some stuff she was waiting on came in the mail today.  SHe called back after dinner i told her about the mess this morning.  WE talked about some solutions.  I noticed SKy playing with something it turned out to be the pieces of the angel.  I took them away.

AFter dinner I did some laundry and started the dishwasher.  I can hear the bells going off so it needs to be moved.  Why can I hear the bell you ask?

For the last couple of days the TV in my bedroom has been acting wonky.  So I decided to watch NCIS in the living room with the laptop.  I am finding it odd considering my cable bill went up this month by about $5 or $6 dollars.  I looked into it a little bit the other day but I need to do it again.  I know that it isn’t a lot but to some people who know what I was paying they felt it was a lot.

Oh i got an email from the Alumni department at ENdicott.  She thanked me for the email and she said she would submit the update for the next alumni bulletin.  I will add them to the files.

Well there is only about  10 minutes left of NCIS and I want to see the previews of the next one and then go to bed.  I am really tired.


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