We are settled in for the Weekend

Last night in preparation of the snowstorm that was predicted for the weekend I picked up the 40lb bag of rock salt that I ordered Thursday from Lowe’s and then went to Stop and Shop and picked up some last minute things such as bread and non essentials.  I ran into Roberta while there and found out that the Mexican Train was rescheduled for next week.  After our shopping spree (and it was so crazy in that store) I headed to Liz and Nelson’s.

When I arrived their previous guest was just leaving.  I got in and noticed they were getting ready for the dinner.  I stayed with them until they were done.  We talked about Liz’s Day and of estate stuff and family stuff.  It included the story that Chris arrived in South Carolina for his regular visit to the kids.  They will be back by Monday.  Nelson wasn’t feeling to well so I left a short time later.

When I got home I emptied the car and settled in for the night.  I had dinner and the kittens played for a bit and then spent the rest of the night sleeping or something until 3 this morning.  I got up a little bit and got online and did some surfing.  This allowed me to stay in bed longer.

SInce I have been up I fed the cats, had breakfast, and rescheduled my hair appointment to next week and did some laundry.  I made some calls to my brother Jim since he had texted me a message from this morning, and I called Liz to see how Nelson was doing.

Now I am going to send an thankyou email to my neighbor Don for doing the sidewalks and driveway for me.

I hope all of you are doing well. and safe…


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