The Next Storm

The next storm is being billed as a blizzard and its going to spread over a two day period.  WTNH-CH8 posted tips for preparing and dealing with the blizzard and I have to admit there are things I haven’t done but I don’t think they have to be done.  Maybe next time I can do it.  As of right now if it is really bad come Tuesday not going in.  At the same token the “play it by ear” also applies to the situation.

Liz and Nelson will be right in the middle of it as they are leaving for LI for a few days.  They are visiting historical Estates.  They are supposed to be back by Wednesday but they might not until Thursday.

I sent an email to Jim to see if he is prepared for it.  He says they haven’t gotten anything so I checked for his town and they aren’t getting it as bad as the rest of us.  Again it doesn’t seem bad to me.

I had a good time at Bingo.  Joanne was there and we had a full house.  She had to get residents w/Brendan by themselves.   We didn’t have all the volunteers.  I did mention that the girls in the club have been asked to help out but no one came (not really surprised).  I did have some unhappy news.  I told you in earlier posts that there would be changes coming down the pike for the nursing home right?  Well Chef Philip and Recreation Bob have been “let go”.    I was told by another friend that Chef may be coming back.  It all depends.

After bingo I swung by Liz & Nelson’s   They were just coming back from church.  There was a mass being given for deceased members of the Knights.  I stayed for about an hour.  They were making plans to go see Adam and Olga but that fell through so they had some things they wanted to do as they got ready for their trip.  I left for the store.

My first stop was to the Pet Supplies Plus.  I got more cat food, and the cat brush.  My second and final stop was to Adams.  I got more frozen foods and some hot food (chicken).  I probably should have made different choices as I have other chicken in the refrigerator.

I came home and the kids were upstairs sleeping.  I put stuff away and started to eat. One by one they came down and then played while I ate.  They didn’t stay down long and neither did I.

I had every intention of writing some thank you notes but ended up taking a nap for awhile.  Then I got up and tried working on the PC in my room.  It was slow but it was also updating and I needed to reboot for a couple of reasons.  I did some straightening up here and there throughout the evening.  I emptied the garbage after cleaning out the litter boxes for the last time tonight (something tells me it won’t be).

I had one of the smart ones for dinner tonight.  I was surprised the kittens didn’t come down.  Actually they started stirring about an hour ago.  They are upstairs playing.  I came down here so that I could watch them.  Actually they have come to snack on the kibble a few times.

Well I am going to go upstairs and get into bed and watch the rest of the CSI:Miami binge-a-thon.  Why can’t they just call it marathon?

Have a good night…


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