Having a great weekend

Saturday morning I ran some errands including getting my hair cut.  I had some time to relax before the Mexican Train game.    We had ordered from Silver Spoons (something like Grubhub) and we ordered from Wood & Tap.  I had a bison burger with fries. We started playing around 4:30 and we played until 8.  By then I was exhausted.  I left a short time after we finished with the promise to call Roberta to let them know I got home okay.

When I got home the kittens were waiting for me at the door.  THey have been really funny these last couple of days.  THey have been playful and loveable.  The playful part is at 1 in the morning for about 2 hours or so.  For the first time in days Tiger has been very loveable and she slept on my bed twice at my feet.  She even walked up to my face.  She still doesn’t late me pick her up.  They have been finding new places to see the sun.  Mom’s old office chair is one place.  When I got up this morning it was nearly 7.  I got some stuff done and fed them.  I laid down on the couch and they would come to me and let me pet them.  Sky has also been sleeping under the blankets and is there now.

I got a call from Natalie yesterday letting me know group activities were put on hold because there is a flu epidemic going on at the nursing home.  So I was glad to get this morning off.   I am going to get some laundry done and get a small grocery list going.  I need stuff for work and for home.

I heard from Telka yesterday she shared some photos of Katie O’s new baby.  The baby looks like Katie.  Katie is one of our former girls club presidents and when she finished HS she went to college in WI and started her life out there.  She got married and started her family. The pictures are beautiful.  Telka also wanted to move the monthly meeting to February 12.  I see no problem for that.

Once I finish shopping and seeing Liz I am expecting a fairly quiet afternoon.  I am probably going to make spaghetti and sauce for dinner and maybe get some vacuuming done.  I probably need to do the thank you notes.

Right now though I am going to shower…

Enjoy the Superbowl game.


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