Did Nothing Monday

Yesterday was the storm that came in after midnight. It dumped a significant amount on the ground and started up again after 2 pm. adding more to what was there. By then it was iced up. Don was out there twice clearing it up.. I am going to have to do the porch more than I did this morning. I will have to do the back stairs too.

While the neighbors did their sidewalks and mine I stayed inside as my arthritis was acting up. It hurt a lot for me. So I took a nap or made lunch and dinner. I spent time watching NCIS and a few other things while the kittens slept on my legs.

I called Liz a couple of times and they were okay. They did their own shoveling and Nelson fell. Liz says he is alright but it was a scary moment. I suspect she had some envy when I told her my neighbors were doing my sidewalks. She mentioned it twice to me.

Work has been busy I am making progress on the Doctor mail. There was no mail downstairs according to ML so if that keeps happening for now I can really catch up and then work on the mail distribution and perhaps start to work on Scanning as SR has been hoping for (but hasn’t mentioned since we discussed it late last fall).

Liz and I met with Debra yesterday. I found out she doesn’t want me calling every day or several times a day so we are setting up boundaries. She doesn’t want to be Mom but she had some concerns. This is a goal that Debra and I will be working on.

So for those of you who read this I have a question for you. How many times a day, week, month do you see, speak, on the phone with your family members?

When I got home last night I did some vacuuming and cleaned out the litter boxes. I only vacuumed downstairs but I still have more to do. I definitely have to do my room after I broke a vase trying to straighten the dresser top after a certain Sky tried jumping up. I cleaned it up as much as I could but I found more broken glass. I am so afraid they will get cut..

I am making an effort to stay downstairs for long periods of time with the kittens. (who are now almost 7 months old) while they are playing downstairs. Sometimes they will play or sit by me and let me pet them (Tiger especially). They also run upstairs and play there too. They have discovered open cabinets. I just shoo them out.

My knee was really hurting tonight. I finally took more Tylenol and as long as i don’t use it I should be fine.

In the mean time I am going to bed.


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