We got the wintery Mix

Well we got something like icy conditions which took me some time to get it done. I did it enough so that I could drive. By the time I got to the garage it was completely cleared out. The snow was coming down harder as the day progressed. It stopped when I got home last night.

I started to wake up around 3 after I heard sky meow. Although once he did that he slept with me for a while right under my neck. Tiger slept on the bed for a short time. Its funny you would think I could recognize the cats in the dark. Not a chance. I have noticed Tiger is softer than Sky.

Sky has been soaring to new heights in the last couple of days. He has been in the hallway closet that goes into the spare room that I have closed off. I tried to shut it with newspaper but it didn’t work. He climbed to the third shelf of the book shelf in the office. I can’t tell if he has been there today or not as nothing is on the floor. He almost climbed in the washing machine the other day. I may have to resort to the spray bottles a little more with these new discoveries. Jim warned me earlier this week that this is a phase and they will find something else to knock over. In other words he has experienced it with Princess Pocono. I actually just moved the old hamper against the closet door so he won’t get into it.

I had a some alone time with my tiger last night. She let me pet her and she sat on my legs and at one point playing with my toes. The only thing that came to mind is the old Warner Brother’s cartoon that has the bull dog looking out for the little kitten that came into their lives and she kneads his back and settles in and goes to sleep.

I saw Dr. Gordon Yesterday. She is very nice. We basically went over old stuff and she examined me and did notice I was still moving gingerly. She recommended the heating pad and I did for a while it was fine. I see her in July while I see Anita in April. I have to get the bloodwork done but I was supposed to have it done today but I have been drinking coffee.

I got an invitation to Olivia’s second birthday party. Liz sent it via text and then I got a message from Lisa and responded. I just have to find out the date. I think its in March.

Well that’s the news for now…we are expecting more snow in the next few days and at the beginning of next week.


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