What a difference a day Makes

I was feeling like crap for most of yesterday so I left at 3 pm and headed home. My arms and legs hurt and I had a couple of those BPV moments and just wanted to go home but didn’t until then.

I stopped for dinner from Adams and picked up ribs, sausage and peppers and a salad. I also got a couple of containers of frosting. I was having one of those “eat frosting” moments. I brought it home dropped everything and started eating. While the cats watched me.. They wanted some of it (they being Sky). I watched TV for a while the cats did their thing.

I did do a load of laundry and got the garbage out. I couldn’t move one of the containers as it is firmly entrenched in the snow. I just took what ever was in it and put it out front. There wasn’t that much in the basket under the sink so I didn’t empty it.

After awhile I did a load of laundry and took some muscle relaxant and went to bed. I watched TV (Independence Day was on). I did get up to move the laundry into the dryer and pick up my bags off the floor.

It was sky’s turn to cuddle last night and boy did he ever. Literally across my throat.. I have a feeling many would not like that and probably would say not to allow it and eventually he moved. to the end of the bed. I think tiger also slept on the bed but not sure.

As usual I could hear them play and be the feline alarm clock. this morning. I stayed a little extra but managed to get up and do a few things. I got some coffee and watched Independence Day (again). Then I got ready for work while the kittens played.

Oh and Sky has discovered the cellar. Now I understand “herding cats”…It wasn’t too bad. He got upstairs and almost did a 180 and I grabbed him and brought him upstairs. I hope he forgets about it now (the cellar)

Liz called me yesterday to talk to me about the headstone. She was placing the order or paying for it not sure which but she wanted to know if we should put all the things Mom’s been involved with (some of Jim’s suggestions included “trade Unionist” In the corner and I just went “keep it simple”. Loving wife, mother, Grandmother etc. I told her I had heard from our nephew about his address and his response. She said don’t bother.

What was the response you ask? Well Jamie said he would get it but I could look it up online.. Well I don’t know about you but when I was at a private school (or even college) there was more than just the school address it had to a box number or something”. I know its just being a teenager but really didn’t appreciate it.

The flu quarantine has been lifted at Mediplex and groups will now be allowed again. I sent an email to club to let them know we can do the Valentines delivery on Saturday. If we weren’t able to we would have had to reschedule. I also found out Recreation Bob has returned! I am very pleased to hear that. My hope is Chef Philippe has also returned. I guess I will find out Sunday.

Well that’s the news from this end of the world. How is your day going?


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