Valentines Day 2015

Happy Valentines from me and the kitties!  I hope all of you will be having fun and romantic day.  I am waiting for the floral delivery that I found out about yesterday.  My sister sent me a card that I received yesterday.  I have it on the mantle (I don’t think the babes have been up there recently).

Tiger has been walking around me while I am on the laptop.  Sky has been sitting on the stairs.  THey have been playing, lying on the chair and doing what kitties do.  They got fed around 7 and I have been watching TV since then.  I did clean out the litter boxes.  It looks like I need to get more kibble for the kitties.  I will get it before noon.

The storm isn’t expected to start until 12:30.  I hope to be back before that from the store.  After that I won’t be going out anywhere.

Yesterday was pretty good.  I got a lot accomplished at work and here.  I had gone food shopping right after work and got a lot and ran into a friend of mine.  It was nearly 6 whne I got home.  I watched TV and had some jelly beans.  I ate dinner around 7 it was steak.  I am not sure if I cooked it right but it was cooked.

Now Sky was walking across the laptop.  Mardi was right its hard to write and type with him walking across.  Now he disappeared.   He got into the bedroom. I had to go in there to check my phone account (can’t do it from the laptop) It wasn’t long and he explored but I didn’t get crazy over it.

Last night I also received a holiday card and newsletter from Mom’s friend Priscilla.  I could have sworn I sent a message to her or at least talked iwth her.  I have to try again.

I got the flowers some time after 12.  As I had suspected and or surmised that Jim was the one who sent the flowers. I called him and thanked him for them and my concern to find a place where the kittens wouldn’t get to them.  He told me Lynn got a floral arrangement and princess was into them too.

The snow didn’t start until some time after 2.  I had cleaned the bathroom and cleaned out the litterbox before I took off for the pet supply store.  I just wanted to get more kibble (they still don’t have the 5 lbs for kittens) and some canned or wet food.  After that I headed to Adams for some roast beef and cheese.

The rest of the day I didn’t do much as by then my arms and legs were hurting (I think from the work and of course the salt).  I watched TV and had late lunch and then dinner later on.

The kittens were playing and eventually sleeping.


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