Wasn’t feeling great yesterday

I was having a hard time with arms, legs, and some weird headaches (from the side of the head) yesterday.  I did get some Tylenol and it finally worked but I had to take some Naproxen last night because then my back was hurting.  I ended up going straight home after work.

Work has been a mixed blessings.  The volume of the mail has been rather low (because of some issues with the PO) and so I have been helping out with other stuff.  As a result I have had lulls in activity.

I called the insurance agent I deal with to let him know I paid the house insurance in full and he agreed it was probably better to do it that when then the fees when you do it the installment method.  We discussed about re-evaluating the policy for less expensive but it can’t be done until the probate is finished (which according to Lawyer Bob will be in the next couple of months) and the insurance goes into my name.

I checked in with Liz yesterday she was working on some last minute probate stuff before it finishes up.  She knows I am not feeling well or at least I wasn’t.  We talked more about the probate stuff and she feels among other things that the deed actually should be in my name and I should be holding on to it instead of Lawyer Bob.  We talked about the news of young Nelson #3 swallowing a coin.  He apparently did it at home on Sunday.  As of the latest posting on facebook he has passed it out of his system.

I heard from Jim last night about the email.  He thought it was to the point his only concern was would I be isolating myself like he does? He also doesn’t want me to join the republican party.

I actually printed out the letters of resignation (with the very aggravating computer in the bedroom)  and will mail it out tonight when I get home.  I printed out the document for Chairman Phil to sign as well.

I was surprised to find the oil bill in the mailbox last night must have been delivered earlier.   I am going to have to pay it first come Friday.    Right after I get paid.  Its going to be tight.

The kittens were waiting for me on the chair last night (again).  I sat down with them and actually got on the floor with tiger and she was getting rubbed on the back and such.  The rest of the night they did their own thing.  At one point Sky got into the bedroom with me and was exploring He actually did it a couple of times.  He came when I called though.

I decided to go to bed early and while I did that the kitties played and maybe once sky came up and cuddled.

This morning I think they may have slept elsewhere because they were not anywhere near the bed (at least I couldn’t tell)  They did follow me downstairs when I went to get coffee and clean out the box.  They really like to fling it.

While getting dressed today Sky and Tiger walked across the lap top a few times.  It really makes some interesting writing when that happens.  Sky discovered my dresser draw and I had a little difficulty getting him to come out.

I also took the time to vacuum the downstairs bathroom of all the kitty litter everywhere.  I was planning on doing it when I got home from the woman’s club meeting but I had decided after meeting with Debra that I would just go home and go to bed.

My session with Debra went by quickly we touched on the meeting with Liz.  She gave me her views on the relationship and  we talked about work, and home.  Once the session was over I headed to the car.

ON the way to the car I made a couple of phone calls to Telka, and Roberta to let them know I decided not to come to the meeting.  Telka and I played telephone tag.  She wanted to know if we still are going to do the Valentines delivery.  When I got home I called Natalie-I had to leave a message.  Telka called me back and I told her what the status was.  I had an opportunity to catch up with Roberta as well.

Since i have been home watched TV, did some laundry, and some odds and ends.  The kitties have been really rambunctious and it was irritating.  They finally knocked off the coat rack and it knock over the lamp.  I yelled at them.  I am okay with that.  I just basically told them they were naughty.  Once I straightened up everything(and replace light bulb) I went to them and pet them.  Tiger was avoiding me at first but is coming around.  I am afraid they will keep avoiding me and that will hurt.

Well I just took a look outside and it is starting to snow.  It shouldn’t be too bad tomorrow.


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