babbling session

I have been up since 6 because the cats were exuberant and wanted their breakfast.   I tried to get more sleep on the couch until one of them knocked the coat rack over (you would think i would move it) and knocked over the lamp (again) not sure the light is going to work tonight. We will see.

Since then we have had our breakfast and have been watching TV.   Sky really loves to walk over my laptop.   I did manage to get the acknowledgement document Phil has to sign in the mail.  The cats are running around again.  I have a few things still to do before the afternoon activities and weather event.

Today is John’s Birthday.  I posted a Birthday wish on facebook after I saw Diane’s posting which included pictures I haven’t seen either in a long time or ever.  I think its a good time to call and talk with him.

School news includes finally sending the email via mail to Linden Hall school Alumni this week.  I tried to send via email several times and it wouldn’t work.  I saw recently some news that the school will have a new Headmaster.  I would imagine in the next Alumni Bulletin or quarterly reports it will be there.  I just looked on facebook and it was also posted on the Linden Hall facebook page too.  It was funny the girls all were excited.  I wonder what the former Headmaster was like?  I know when I was there the Headmaster E had his detractors and his fans both on staff and the students.

I have a confession to make.  I have actually known this and probably have written about it many times but when things don’t go the way I want or need them to I get frustrated.  Example: I emptied the bag on the kirby (which I think has outlived its usefulness) it was hard getting it on but after several frustrating minutes it got on but all I could think of it was a piece of shit and that nothing in the house works right and I would like it to.  Everything seems to not go easily but when I do get it done its like “oh there we go”.

I did manage to start some laundry.  Considering I need to have something fairly decent for the theater tonight.  In the mean time Its noon and I have to be at the nursing home by 1:30.

Thanks for stopping by.


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