Feeling a little bit better

I am feeling a little better with the help of the Tylenol but my back is hurting a little bit when I have to bend down.  I decided to call Debra and reschedule from OV to Phone session and she will call me later tonight.  I am hoping it won’t be during NCIS.  Although even if it is there is always the internet after midnight.

I was pleasantly surprised to find both babies on the bed until they decided they wanted to wrestle on the bed.  I think Tiger yelped and got thrown off the bed but she came back and then they took off again.  I knew from past experiences even if it is in play not to get in the middle of it.  One could very easily turn on me.  I would later find out that one of them chewed the cell phone charger adapter.

I talked to LIz today.  She was making plans to have someone do Mom’s taxes.  We discussed the fact they opened the closet door (and we may have to fix that one) and the laundry door.  She said she would try and come over and take a look at it.  I had promised to get the ice cleared out as much as possible.  I put some on when I got home tonight.  We also discussed plans for lunch during my vacation next week.

When I came home I spent more time with the kittens to rub against me and since then I have been laying down because the back is hurting and everytime I get up to get the kittens out of the closet.  I gave up.  I left the door slightly up since they have been doing it themselves.


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