I stayed home yesterday

I was having a hard time with muscles, aches, and pains so I called out sick yesterday and spent most of it in bed either sleeping or watching  TV.  At times it was so painful that I was crying.    Liz came over late in the day when she found out I had stayed home.  She did pick up my plaquenil and brought me some dinner.  She did a few more things and then we sat and chat about Mom’s taxes.

Apparently Mom had been doing her taxes all wrong for several years.  When she closed out the Ameritrade account they didn’t take out the taxes.  So Liz is telling me it would be surprising if anything much  comes to me (or Lawyer bob).  It really doesn’t matter to me.  Liz knows I have been managing the bills and money better than anyone expected.

We then discussed having a living will in case something should happen to me.  I always figured it would be her that I leave the decision making too.  It is something that needs to also be discussed with Debra and of course Bob.

Liz left around 5:30 and I got ready for a shower and got back into bed.  I didn’t get online much if at all because it was still hurting a little.  I did watch TV for a while too.

I did call Dr. Gordon who called back later and we discussed results of the blood work and she said it was a flare up.  She did prescribe the muscle relaxant that I picked up today.   After we got off the phone I got ready to sleep.  The kittens stayed with me for a while which was great.

Today I went to work.  I was feeling better but not 100% I took the Tylenol and later on picked up the muscle relaxant and took it (without food).   Later on I got sick but not badly.  The stomach upset wasn’t fun but neither were the knees.  I got a lot done but still have a pile to finish.  I am not sure if I will be getting to any letters tomorrow because I didn’t today.

I was very anxious to get home  Liz was coming over to fix the laundry door and she did a great job that it works.  She had invited me for dinner but I had to turn it down.  I wasn’t totally feeling great.

After she finished I took a shower and had dinner and watched TV, and got some laundry done.  At one point sky managed to get into the cellar I panicked but he was fine and  caught up with him at the bottom of the stairs.  i carried him upstairs.

Now I am just waiting for DEbra to call.  It is our phone session that we were supposed to have last night but one of her kids got sick.  I hope I can stay awake long enough to have the session.

Tomorrow is the last day of the week and I will be on vacation as of then.  Whoo hoo.


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