A Slow Monday

It has been a slow Monday for me today.  I stayed in bed longer than usual which I think annoyed the cats but I also feel like I didn’t get enough sleep last night.  I was feeling a little achy and took meds and had my breakfast and did some online surfing.  I got showered and made some calls and I am trying  to do something about these bathrooms.

I called Liz this morning because my Niece Lisa had posted a sad post and I wasn’t sure if it was one of her little dogs or something happened to Olivia.  Liz surmised it was another of her patients.  I totally understand that.  I shared about the \3

etime I was working for the Therapeutic RAdiology Department and how upset I would get after seeing so many patients I got to know not always make it.  Anyway, Liz says a few things had been cancelled including the lecture she was supposed to attend and Rich’s procedure.  I let her know that JIm was coming up near the end of the week.  She offered to cancel lunch and I told her he wasn’t coming up until Wednesday.  I told her I had major cleaning to start today but as you can see haven’t done it but I will!

Even though I had called Liz about Lisa I had already sent messages to Lisa and she was touched that I sent them.   i hadn’t really asked but she didn’t offer any explanation but hopefully her day will be better.  Apparently my nephew’s snoring has been keeping her awake at night.

I did manage to strip the bed Jim will be using and got the sheets in the wash.  I have emptied the dishwasher and vacuum the bathroom.  I was already getting tired and frustrated with things.

Around 3 I had finished the bathroom but I may need to do it again.  I was getting tired and my head was hurting and so were my hands.  I took Tylenol and had lunch (which I shouldn’t have) and now I am watching the Mummy movies.


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