Been getting a lot of rest

I was able to get some rest Monday when I posted last entry my headaches returned.  I can’t say if they are real headaches or not.    They are gone for now but that’s because I keep taking Tylenol and the meds.  I know I will have to talk to Dr. G or Anita about it when I see them.

Monday night  I had dinner of cereal (I would like to think they muscle relaxants are affecting my appetite) and replenished the kitty litter for their boxes and replenished their food and water for overnight.

The kitties were quiet Monday each were sleeping and on occasion when I call sky would come and cuddle with me.  At night they played and then settled down.

Tuesday was my Lunch with LIz.  IHop was fairly busy with a Children’s Miracle Network activity for lunch so I called Liz who was doing some volunteering and changed the venue.  Which was a good thing because I scraped someone’s car.  Seven people saw me but it was just so many things including embarrassing.  When I told Liz about it she asked me if I left a note and I didn’t.

We were there for almost two hours.  We talked about my housekeeping skills or the lack of.  While at the same time understanding it and no judging she did say some things need to be done.  The old “big girl panties” line came up.   We also talked about what she was doing that morning.  She was part of a sewing bee for the costumes at the Historical Society.

When we left it was 2.  By then as Liz noticed I was getting tired and by the time I was home I wasn’t feeling well..I spent the better part of the afternoon sleeping.  I would chalk it up to being awake bright and early but my stomach wasn’t helping either.  I ended up not having dinner but took my meds.

The kittens stayed with me a while too.  Then they did their own stuff.  A couple of times Sky pulled the claw hair massage and I think he was eating my hair last night.

This afternoon I cleaned the downstairs bathroom and washed the kitchen floor and the floor between the kitchen and the front door.  I was really taking my time with it.  I spent time on the computer, watched TV, and paid the monthly parking bill that was four freaking days late.

I heard from Jim late this afternoon confirming he would not be coming up as we had planned on.  That’s because we are having another winter storm warning for tonight all the way to tomorrow night.  There is a possibility he will be here next week.

I got a call from Debbie M tonight.  She called to tell me that she and Stan are now engaged.  I am very happy for them.  Their plans are to get married after the holidays (October sometime) or in March.  Stan is looking for a new job and so that’s a factor right now and they will be looking for an 2 bedroom apartment for when his daughter comes to visit.  We talked a good twenty minutes about that and shopping and comparative shopping etc.  We also discussed Military Whisk.  Roberta and i will be in attendance for that one.

Well I am going to hit the sack.  Tomorrow will be relaxing since we are supposed to get a storm.  I don’t think it has started yet (mostly rain)


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