Had a lovely Lunch

I had left here yesterday around 11:20 yesterday and noticed I was going to be really too early to show up at Roberta’s office so I stopped by the pet supply store and got the five lb kitty food.

Then I headed to Trumbull.  The ride was not bad.  The traffic moved along and the scenery was lovely with the new fresh snow from the day before.  The route the GPS took me did seem a bit long and it doesn’t know from left to right but I got there..  After asking directions that weren’t really necessary I found the office and we chatted and introduced to the rest of her staff.  We went to Old Town Restaurant for lunch and was joined by a friend/co-worker Gloria..

We had soup.  I had the seafood bisque.  They had each had something different.  Then our main meals were each different.  They had tuna fish and I had a corned beef sandwich.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish it because my stomach was acting the way it was on Tuesday.  Roberta noticed it and I explained it could be the meds.  Anyway, the conversations were really interesting.  Stuff that was going on in Trumbull like a controversial picture in the local Library that caused problems.  They also talked about HR stuff regarding the recent storms and use of time.  

We finished at 1 and we said goodbye to each other and I headed home.  I really wasn’t feeling well so I came home and slept the rest of the day.  I did take the nausea med and it went away.

The kitties did their own thing which included sleeping on the bed with me a couple of hours.  Then they did more playing especially when I got up to take care of some laundry.

I finally got the bed in the spare room made and ready for Jim’s visit (whenever that will be) and then put a couple more loads of wash in.  I cleaned out the litter boxes and refilled bowls.  I spent the rest of the time watching ST:TNG and a few other things.

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel so well during the night and it wasn’t fun.  It passed until recently.  I am alright now.  I just hope it doesn’t come back.  I have a party to go to this afternoon.  I had to take early morning muscle relaxants again as the neck and arms were hurting again.

finished putting the laundry through and have been washing NCIS Mark Harmon Marathon.  Kittens are upstairs-i think.  THe last time i wrote or thought  that they were down here.

I mentioned earlier I am heading to Olivia’s 2nd birthday party.  I am meeting her at her house at 2.  Should be there for a couple of hours and then will be home again.  

I am going to do a few things before going out so I better get going.


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