We got more snow

I woke up to more snow this morning and it lasted until around 11:30.  I was surprised by seeing but it was very pretty.   The sun has been shining ever since.  May be this will be the last snow?  Yeah I doubt it.

The day has been fairly quiet. In the early morning I fed the kittens and then showered.  Later on in the day I did some vacuuming and then spent time watching TV.

I talked with Jim via email and phone (was having a hard time explaining to him what needs to be done.  I have come to conclusion he doesn’t understand chronic illness and he wants to prevent this ‘event’ in the future.  I told him there will be questions to ask when I see Anita on the 31st.

I also checked in with Liz about how I was doing and suggested maybe going to the store.  That’s my objective tomorrow.  We talked about dinner and what she had been doing.

I did some laundry and it is done  Now I am watching NCIS marathon.


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