Heard from the Doctor yesterday

He isn’t comfortable with me returning to work until I see Dr. Gordon on the 31st then he wants me to see him.  I am going to have to call and tell them I won’t be coming in until I see the Lupus doctor.  When I got off the phone with the Dr.’s office I called Liz and told her the news.  She was dismayed.  She asked about the cough and I all I could tell her is he didn’t say anything.  We discussed how bored eventually I will be getting.  There is only so much TV I can watch and only be on the computer for so long.  I thought about it again and there is always something on I can watch and do other things like clearing out the cupboard and various other things that need to be done around here.

The kittens started coming out from the bed and I cuddled with Sky for a while and then we went downstairs for a while.  As I write this I they may be downstairs.  I gave them some more kibble and fresh water.  Sky got down into the cellar as I was trying to get a container for the kitty litter because I didn’t have one.  Tiger almost went down but didn’t after all.

Liz called with a couple of invitations.  There is a dinner regarding Lupus that we should get an invite too.  She wanted me to go shopping on Wednesday with her.  As long as my energy level is okay.    So I agreed.  I also told her about the Shelter dinner I am supposed to be going.  She doesn’t think I should go.

She is currently working on getting Mom’s facebook page closed as Cousin Bill was concerned that it was active.  I know I couldn’t do anything and even Jim tried something.


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