The last few days

I woke up pretty early.  I called my Team leader around 7:30 this morning and talked about the Doctor wanting me stay home until the 31st.  We talked about her health (she is catching something too) and we talked about who was doing the work.   i called Lee Ann around 9:30 and brought her up to date and told her some things I would be doing.

I did do some more vacuuming (this time the floors).  It seems like I am always doing vacuuming.  I am debating whether or not to clean out the cupboard/closet today or not.  I want to get the bathroom floor done first.

I finally got the floors vacuumed that it won’t skeeve me out.  The next objective will be to wash the floors if I can manage.  I don’t think I want to do that today though.

I did manage to go out and empty garbage and finally picked up the garbage can lid it was nice out but still chilly.

I got a call from Dr. Gordon and was able to see her yesterday.  She urged me to see the cardiologist asap.  SHe filled in the reports that she didn’t have and confirmed that I did have a flare up and that there was nothing that could be done.  She says I still have some fluid around heart I think.  I won’t be going back to work until next week perhaps.

After that appointment Liz and I headed back to milford got some lunch for me and did some grocery shopping.  The rest of the day is now a blur but I know I rested.  I made the necessary phone calls and had a chat with Debra.

I had a really good sleep last night and even dreamt of Mom

Today was bloodwork that Dr. Gordon wanted me to have done.  It wasn’t too busy but I needed to stay a little longer.  After that I headed to Liz’s so that we could take off for the cardiologist in Trumbull.

He was hot.  He says the ECG looks good.  He says the medication (the anti inflammatory is working but still need to wait it out.  Antibiotics would not work at this point because its not an infection.  So I am taking the anti-inflammatories.  Need to take more tests.  follow up in two weeks.  Just have to wait it out.  He wants me to build up the exercise (walking mostly) rest when I need.

That’s going to have to be because I got an email From HR rep to fill out FMLA papers.  I have to review the email but Bob asked to have me fill out.  It turned out to be 1 page print out but there is another one I probably will have to get via the website.

Its been raining the last two days.  Its getting rid of most of the snow but for some not as fast as they would like.  I was hoping to take a walk today but not if its that rainy or cold.  I may have to bite the bullet and just go.

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