Long Day

It took me almost the entire day to do one food closet.  Going back and forth of what stuff to keep (dates with 2016 and 2017 I know are safe) others I just didn’t want to have because I had a feeling they were stale and opened. Some were incredibly old.  So I took the appropriate times to take a break from it.  I managed to get two bags filled with stuff.  I even have a few things that i am taking to the food bank.

I spent what seemed like  two hours on the phone with the follow up nurse from AETNA today.  She was very nice.  We talked about the recent hospitalization, medication logs, some past health issues, and gave me some suggestions for other stuff like that.

I got the bill from the Ambulance service today.  I am going to send them my insurance information.  I nearly choked when I saw the amount.  Just will forward my info to them.

I went to the store.  I over did it on the snacks (I have already had half the chips, and most of one the dips and cookies.  I did get a couple of apples, cheese, the bread and english muffins and salad.

I had some cheese but I finished up some cold broccoli.

I finally got to talk to Jim.  I told him about about the doctor appointments.  The conversation lasted less than five minutes.

The rest of the night was quiet.


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