Lot’s of great stuff coming up for the Woman’s Club

I was really disappointed that i had to miss the BEth-El Shelter dinner that we presented at the shelter and according to Telka it was jam packed.  So much so that they couldn’t eat themselves.  I was glad I had gotten the wings that went first and fast.  I am never sure how much to get but it gets expensive.  The only thing that we found out that through an email that there is an age requirement for cooking at the shelter.  Telka is looking into that as I write this.  It is great they are looking forward to us doing it again and I suspect they would like us to do it more than just once a year.  That all depends on our future activities and schedules.

I am really hoping that I can attend this month’s month general meeting this Wednesday.  I am supposed to be a hostess and probably will bring my standby veggie platter from the store.  The meeting is on April 1st this time I think there was schedule conflict for our regular week.  I can’t remember when the last time I was there probably a month or two.

AS you know the Carnival for this weekend at the nursing home has been cancelled but no reschedule date.  Something tells me we won’t be having it this year after all which is a disappointment because the residents usually have a great time with it.

We are trying to schedule a Dance for another nursing home but no dates have been scheduled and I am not sure what that will entail.

WE also have the creative writing contest reception which will be in June and of course we will have our Mayor Ben Blake in attendance.  It is going to be a really good spring year end events.

WE also have some business stuff to take care like our budget for the year and also elections.  I am planning on continuing as Secretary as long as possible.

It really surprises me how quickly our year wraps up.  We are probably going to plan some of activities for the summer.  Which usually include doing a couple of fundraisers, and some membership activities like picnics and stuff like that.

I am sure we will have to say good bye to some of the girls this year (not as many as we did last year) but I wish them well and look forward to hearing from them if they come and visit.


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