Monday was fairly quiet

WE had snow for a good portion of the morning.  I just relaxed.  AFter having a chat with Liz I got ready to do some shopping.  it wasn’t a lot the cat food and ink for both of us.  It was nearly 1 when I got back home.  I saw the pups and went to see them and chatted with Neighbor Chris.

AFter I had lunch of Shop Rite Chili I took a nap.  Actually most of the afternoon I napped.  I took an early evening shower and did some laundry.  I have the clothes here waiting to be folded.  In the evening I finally filled out the papers but now I was too late.

Tuesday was slightly different in the morning I had my echocardiogram.  Discovered there is trivial amount of fluid around the heart and I need a stress test.  According to the phone call from DR. M it won’t be the treadmill but want to see if there may be a blockage.  Need to listen to the message I got from him this evening.  I will schedule it when I stop there WEdnesday for him to sign the papers.  If he will if not Anita and Dr. Gordon will have to.

AFter the echo I headed to Liz’s and we then headed to the monument place to finalize what the headstone looks like and its perfectly centered.  Once we were done there we headed to the cemetery to place the easter decorations.  When we got there we discovered a large gaping hole by Mom’s burial site.  It looked as though Mom was trying to get out.  In reality it is a common occurrence with all the snow and melting.  THe caretaker will be filling it up for us.  Once we were finished putting the decorations we said a little prayer and then we went home.

I stopped and ordered Chinese food for lunch and ate it at home while the kittens slept.  I took a nap for a couple of hours before leaving for the Lupus appointment.  It was about then when the weather started changing.

The appointment was about an hour and the gist of it is stay on the meds until I see Dr. M and when I see Anita next month (I think).  The Lupus numbers are getting better.  I will take another blood test to prepare for a new med to go along with the plaquenil.

It was nearly 3:30 or so when I left it was raining but the drive wasn’t bad.  I had a hankering for shakes so I went to DQ by the house and got two of them. One was an oreo and the other some caramel cheesecake.  THEy hit the spot.

ARound 5 or 6 I had dinner chicken fingers and fruit. It was around then the kittens came out for a while.  I spent some time downstairs.  Folded clothes got online.

Telka stopped by with the applications that I need to drop off to the schools on Wednesday.  We talked about the newest issue that came up for the club.  We discovered that grants we usually rely on to go to some of our projects was discontinued and we were not informed until Telka checked on them.  It can be very frustrating when things like this happen and no apparent reason is given.

My cough has come back.  Anita wants me to continue the air thing and temper it as the cough stops.  I don’t know why it started up again.  I am also sniffling more than usual.  I hope the bronchitis is not lingering.

I think the kittens are telling me its time to really clean out the litter boxes (the whole sanitizing thing) because someone had another accident.  Its the second one in couple of days.  When I mentioned it to Liz earlier she thinks it could be one of three, pissed at me, not feeling well, or they want it really cleaned (not just de-pooped).  So I have been a little worried about the two of them.  They seem okay if I am not letting sky fall off my back like he did a little while ago.  I am so afraid that’s annoying him or hurting him but he seems okay.

I mentioned earlier that I may be too late with the signed FMLA papers I had gotten an email saying it was closed.  I had called the Liaison this morning with some questions but she didn’t mention that I had a time limit.  I called Bob to let him know I would be mailing them to him as soon as they got signed.  Well just have to see.

I had a really weird dream that I can’t describe in detail but it had to do with a child’s toy and pillows and we were in a house that was falling apart or something.  Those old fisher price doll houses.

Well I am going to try and get back to sleep.  Wednesday will be another busy day I think.


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