Need more sleep

I was going to start this entry as my regular Easter/Weekend Good Friday post but I didn’t sleep well because of the cough.  I did finally make up for it later on in the day.  I actually was in the middle of doing some cleaning and just laid down and fell asleep.  I actually had called Liz and was waiting for her to return the call.  I did go back once the stuff I did get done was finished.  I did get a confirmation call this morning about the stress test but by the end of the day it was moved to tuesday at the same time.  Its a 4 hour test which now may interfere with my eye doctor appointment.  I just have to get some sweat pants.

Like I said I talked with Liz this morning.  She sounded a lot better than she did a day or two ago.  She let me know she cancelled her appointment to take me as originally scheduled but we are going to make other arrangements for that day.  She was expecting Nelson 3 and Olivia for the afternoon.  Their father had today off and had things to do.  Liz reminded me again that if I still don’t feel great (cold wise) by Sunday that I need to stay home from Mike and Cheryl’s dinner.

Today has been rain as predicted.   It was heavy a couple of times and it felt colder than the low 50’s and it is supposed to be like this until tomorrow but chilly.  They are also calling for windy conditions.  I would say its a good night to stay home and in bed.

I had pizza for dinner today it was delicious and of course have some slices left over after eating cookies today.  Now I am trying to get lots of water because I am thirsty.

I have been watching the news and man it is so filled with bad news weather wise. I know that if I checked blogs about it there won’t be anything of personal accounts but probably local newscasts.

Early this week there was a local report from Branford of dog biting people it happened twice and it was caught on video.  Some are calling for the dog to be put down but others blame the owner and the way she was in last night’s account was dismissive.  My reason for mentioning this is no sooner than these reports came out that a local law firm has done ads for victims of Animal attacks.  Really?  I know I shouldn’t be surprised but they were the only ones so far.  Opportunist is the only word I can come up with.

Well I am going to say good night for now.  Have a great night and for those in the middle of the bad weather be safe and take care.


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