I yelled at Sky yesterday morning

I yelled at sky at 3 am this morning.  Why you ask?  He jumped up on the mantle from one of the chairs and knocked this over.  It isn’t exactly the same one but the globe over it is now in the garbage. I have to get a picture that fell out of the frame repaired.  I think I got the glass picked up but I will check later.  I tried to send him back upstairs  He has been walking around. I hate to have to yell but he made a mess.  I tend to feel guilty for  yelling because now he is avoiding me for now.   They have been kind of getting into mischief again.  I woke up yesterday morning to find the curtain over the sink almost in the sink .

I am pretty sure he is over the trauma  but yet again I found poop outside the box.  I can’t say for sure who did it but it seems to be a problem.  I make sure the boxes is cleaned out daily.  Happily he has been receptive and he slept on the bed.

BEcause I was up so early I ended up sleeping until 7:30 in the morning which put me in a slight tired fog.   I spent the morning watching TV.  I tried to rest but I had to keep rescuing the garbage cans over.  Late in the day I went shopping for food and kitty litter but for got the litter.

I made myself some lunch of steak and creamed corn and chowed down on a few other things and ended up falling asleep.  LUckily I didn’t do that for dinner.  I had the chili for dinner again.

I called LIz a couple of times she was good.  Exhausted but good.  The kids are too much for her energy wise.  She loves them but they just wear her out.  My intention is to go to church in the morning with them and then go to CHeryl’s with them.

SIL sent me a text message inviting me for dinner tomorrow.  It is at 4.  I called and left a message that I will try and stop by but that I made other plans.  What am I supposed to say?  I was just thinking back over the years this was MO a lot for them.

I called Jim tonight to wish him a Happy EAster.  It went to Voice mail.  I think he may have been sleeping.  I am not sure what he is doing but I hope its fun.  He probably will go to a meeting or something and watch movies.

I had a lovely call from Mama Joanie today.  SHe has been sick too.  Its her first cold of the year.  She has had to miss work and it concerns her.  She is out of time  Anyway, told her what I have been up to and what’s next on the horizon,.

Well I am going to crash.  Have a great one.


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