I knew I shouldn’t have the coffee

While I was at my niece’s house i had coffee to keep warm and I was awake for most of the night. I tried herbal tea and warm milk.  I think the coughing also kept me awake.  I am not sure what time I fell asleep but I woke up around 7.

Once the kittens knew I was awake they made sure I stayed awake.  I was cleaning out the litter box and Star decided he wanted to have a piggy back ride.  He got it but as i got to the top of the stairs I was certain he was going to fall or get hurt.  They played for a while and mid morning they went to their “spot”.

I did go back to bed for an hour too.  I got up and did some vacuuming but I am not pleased with it.  It just renews my goal to probably get a new shark.  Right now I am going to pay some bills that need paying in the next few days.

There isn’t much else I am doing today.  The thank you notes of course and then get the sweat pants and kitty litter.

It looks very nice out right now.  Not sure what the temperatures are but that could push me for a walk.

oh and I am considering get a smart/I phone.  My phone is usable but the face is cracked. Will let you know what I decide.


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