A Purely Lazy Friday

It has been a purely lazy Friday and the weather hasn’t helped it.  When I got up this morning I was still very tired.  It didn’t help that the kittens kept getting into the closet during the night.  Although they did come out when I asked them.  They took their nap until after 3.

I was supposed to go to the store but it can wait a day or two.   I don’t need the milk yet and the other stuff is for Livia.

Dinner was the cajun seasoned pork chops and a smart ones broccoli and potato dish it was delicious..  I had yogurt and rum and raisin ice cream.

As you know today is Sibling Day.  I called a couple of times I found out later she was in the yard working it while the weather held up.  When I finally got a hold of her she was getting her meds via IV.  She sounded tired!  She invited me to the Knights First Communion BReakfast on Sunday morning.

I found out later she sent me pictures of the Chris and Audrey on their way to a Father Daughter Dance out in SC.  They looked awesome. I am hoping she will post them to facebook so I can save them to my hard drive.

I managed to straighten out the table by my bed.  I got rid of old stuff and letters and cards for the journal and put them in the spare room (my old room) now I just have to do dresser under the mirror so that livia doesn’t have to go nuts on monday.

Tomorrow I have to get the dining room vacuumed and ready for Chris 1&2 to come and put the table up.  I am thinking the sidebar will also come up but I am not sure I want to give the cats more things to destroy.

So I better get to bed.


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