I was really having a hard time sleeping last night.  I heard noises (besides the kitties purring) and for a short time thought i could hear mice.  I thought something was drinking the water (it wasn’t)and the noises I did hear were the alarm clock ticking.  I also think it was the brookside chocolates that kept me awake too.

So while the kittens slept (and gave me dirty looks for lighting up the room with the laptop)I decided to surf the net.  I decided to look at our towns minutes of a couple of boards so that I could stay informed.  That didn’t last long.  Then I decided to read the newest entry of a blog I recently started to follow.  It is the New England Musings.

Brenda is from the Berkshires and shares her thoughts and Ideas of her life.  The most recent one was the age old spring tradition that kids go through every year.  The Prom.  In it she recounts how her Nephew was invited (it was indeed very sweet)by a young girl in his class via a snickers bar.  She continues with her own memories of proms for her and her sisters and then shares some tips for proms.  As I read this I actually sat here trying to remember my proms.  I know of one that I went to at the Foundation school over on Woodmont Road that was scary as hell.  The guy who invited me attended (I can’t remember how I met him)the school.  Let’s just say that relationship ended damn fast and I have never seen the guy since.

It was after one when I decided to try and sleep.  I would be getting up four hours later to vacuum and get the dining room ready for the furniture to come back up.  I am still not certain what else I want up.  Liz gave me some tips and reminders that it doesn’t have to be the way it was when Mom was living.  I just want a place to entertain and have meetings or something when it comes time.

I gave myself an extra half hour of bedtime and it worked.  I got up cleaned out the litter boxes and then fed the kitties and then had some open faced cheese sandwiches on English muffins.  I managed to put the fan that’s been sitting on the floor all these months downstairs but realize that once the hot temperatures start it will be back up.

The morning started off with some clouds and temps in the mid 40s it got warmer as the day went on.

I managed to vacuum the dining room fairly early and unlocked one door.  Around lunch time I went over and only Chris 2 was home.  We talked about the cats and about work.  He has a new job starting in a couple of weeks.  Around 1 Chris #1 was home and both came after that and were done by 2.

I had already gone to the bank and the store for Livia’s things so  the rest of the afternoon I installed the tax program.  OF course sky got up a second time and so did Tiger.

I set up the tax program and got those started.  I didn’t want to wait any longer.  It took me until about 4:30-5 to get it done.  I had two do a few things and managed to get it.  I think I had gotten a virus alert (not the first) but it got done.  I have to admit there were some frustrating moments when it asked for something and I think I may have scared the kittens for now…they are avoiding me.

i am going to have one of the smart ones for dinner and then relax.  I am getting tired now.  I have to get up early tomorrow for 8:30 mass and the first communion.

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