going to be a long day

It is a little after 3:30 Wednesday morning.  I have been trying to sleep but it just isn’t happening.  I had a midnight snack of cereal and the herbal tea but it just didn’t help.  I think its because of the decaf coffee and the ice tea I had during the day yesterday.  I also think because I did fall asleep at 7 last night also is contributing to the situation.


Work went well got more stuff off the desk just about the same time more stuff came.  ML was letting me know she rearranged stuff and organized more (like I couldn’t tell).  I wish she would leave stuff alone.  Just as she has a system I do too.  Oh Well.  Let’s see how long it takes me to merge the two.


The union is taking a vote in a couple of weeks for dues increase.  I think we should (its 14c) and its to help with the current “fights” we have in all the areas (Medical, Science, Main) and eventually for our future contracts and to help pay for the union organizers as well.  This should be in place for a while.  I am not sure when the next membership meeting is either but I will have to attend.


I had a good session with Debra.  We talked about the whole health scare.  I told her about the recent conversation with Liz and she made some good points.  It doesn’t have to be done right now and that not everyone knows what is paid and so forth.  She said it would be good to call TIAA-Cref to check things out.  We are scheduled for next week.  I was relieved to find out she deposited the check (and noticed it was cleared on my account).


Dinner was Chipolte taco’s one chicken and one steak.  I ate them once I got into the car before going home.  I figured it would be cold by the time I got home and of course i was hungry.  The ride home was a little slow but it was commute time.


The kittens were sitting around when I got home.  I decided to watch TV and throw some laundry in and cleaned out the boxes.  After that was done I headed upstairs and took the nap.


The kittens stayed with me for a bit and then went off and did there own thing.  I have to admit when TIger went off I figure she was downstairs.  SHe was under the bed while sky has been on the bed.


Liz emailed me. She explained some stuff better and she is hoping we can do a trip ourselves.  She isn’t feeling great yet but it will be a few days.


I better try and get some sleep.  THe alarm is set for 5:30.


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