I shouldn’t have had regular coffee yesterday

I was feeling pretty hyper and lost stuff at home (my password list) but happily found it when I got home this evening and people were irritating me.

work went well  I got a lot done but I found out that another of my former co-workers Ann who retired about 15 years ago died yesterday.  She was beautiful and very sophisticated.  While at the same time told you the way she saw things.  I definitely will miss her.

There is some rumors going around that the building we currently have our office has been sold.  The age old discussion that our department will be moving has risen and it usually comes up every couple of years.  There have been two locations that has been suggested.  The newest locations would directly next door to our current location.  It was the former home of the newest cable company  (Frontier) but they moved over to State street.  The other is the Maritime Center at Long Wharf.  That has a lot of options.  It over looks New Haven Harbor and -95.  I will keep you posted as these “rumors” have a way of going away.

I went to the Rheumatologist/Lupus doctor.  I got there a little after 3 and had to wait a while (sometime after 4).  I got some blood work done and was taken off some meds and now being weaned from the prednisone.  SHe wants me to see the PCP next week.  I have the cough still and a little wheezing.  By the time I was done it was after 5 and I was home by 6:30.

The kitties were their usual selves.  THey also were very cuddly tonight.

Tonight’s dinner was Popeyes.  I did a small load of laundry and now just relaxing.

I talked with my sister today.SHe had a funeral to go to and spent time with her friends. The kids came over to help in the garden.  It sounds like she is going to have a busy weekend with guests and meetings and stuff.

Jim sent me an article from Huffington Post about cats trying to communicate through meowing.  I have yet to actually read it but I am sure its very funny..

It should be a quiet weekend this weekend.


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