Kitties very playful today.  they knocked over one of the dining room chairs this morning.  I hope that isn’t going to be a recurring activity.  I am pretty glad I didn’t bring up the china closets.  I think they will be happy that I will be home for most of this weekend.

I had a pretty good day at work.  a little more discussion on the move among some of my colleagues.  they are not giving preferences because they will send us where ever.  It does seem like we are definitely moving to Maritime center but that will be in a year and half.  we also got more information on the funeral arrangements for “e”s husband.  Its on tuesday.  I am thinking of going.

the King and I opening night was a couple of nights ago and it went well.  according to the posts from ethel and rogier and of course diane.  apparently the after party was last night and it was awesome.  pictures looked beautiful.

john and Heather seem to be doing good. .  I hope John and Heather come home for a visit soon.  I miss them and I am not sure when I am getting down to FL any time.

Rob and shannon too.  shannon posted pictures of rob and ben working at a desk.  It was too funny.  they both have been working and going to school I guess.

When I got home tonight I took a visit to neighbor Kim and invited her to see the kitties.  For one brief moment she got a chance to see sky.   I held him for a short time until he jumped out of my arms nailing me in the chest.  Its the first time he didn’t run at first.  I wonder if this means anything?  Of course when the pizza was delivered he took off.  Tiger was already hiding.

After Kim left i turned the heat down more and opened the back door again and opened two windows the cats explored it.  They seemed to explore it.  The windows are still open and so is the back door.  I am going to close that very soon.

We are supposed to get some rain  tonight with the thunder.  The clouds moved in shortly after I got home.  The temperatures started dropping probably after 7:30.

I think I am going to finish signing the cards I got for my friends families and get them ready to be mailed out.

Have a great night…

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