Not quite

Well it is after 3:30 and it didn’t quite make it to the 70’s.  It made it up to 67 degrees around here according to  I don’t have an outdoor thermometer around here.  So I am taking what they say as the truth.  There is some coolness in the air and the breeze is nice too.

Well noontime I got the bathrooms cleaned up and the litter boxes all washed out for a while and at some point one of the kitties came out of hiding and blessed it.  I must have been downstairs working on the one downstairs.  I figured they were sleeping the entire time well until about quarter of four when I could hear Tiger wake up.  She has been preening herself and trying to get into the closet.  Actually they have been pretty good about not going in there this week.  I am expecting Sky to come out soon.  They will probably play and then sit up on the bed with me while I surf the net or watch TV.

I heard from Jim midday.  He said it was beautiful in Allentown.  We talked about kitty stuff.  He was considering getting one of those tracking chips for kitty pocono.  He told me a friend of his lost hers and has is devastated.  He says it will cost $100.  I might do it.  I am not sure yet.

I had a chance to talk to Liz today.  She was expecting guest anytime this afternoon.  I had to ask her about a document that came from Lawyer Bob.  It had to do with the estate.  According to her everything went through.  I have no idea what that means.  We talked about the kitties.    She also invited me to come by and say hi.  However I think i could do it tomorrow.

Dinner was one of the smart ones chicken alfredo and herbal tea.  It was good and simple and has kept the hunger away.

I have taken a relaxing shower and I am watching Foyle’s War…


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