This is crazy

Last night I went downstairs to check on the cats and they were running around and I noticed that the lace curtain by the driveway was down.  I fixed and I did what at the time was right (yelled).  I went back to bed and noticed they didn’t come up for several hours so I decided to go and sleep with them.  Yep.  I am a weakling.  Tiger was sleeping on the other lace curtain on the floor that I never fixed yet.  Sky was on the chair cushion he usually sits or sleeps on.  Tiger avoided me for a while I thought.    ARound 3 Sky left so I came upstairs and went back to bed.  Sky came up and got cuddly.  He also tried to play with my glasses a few times too.

This morning they are right as rain.  They called for me at 6 and so I fed them at 6:30 (and then I ate and watched TV) now they are playing again downstairs.  I also played with them.  I am afraid if I do too much yelling they will continue to avoid me and get vindictive.  Liz warned me about that a while back so that’s always been in the back of my mind.

It is not quite 50 degrees out and its not supposed to get any warmer than mid 50.  A big difference from yesterday and of course the rest of the upcoming week.  The rain they are expecting for Monday is supposed to come later on tonight.

I am going to get ready for my day.  I want to get the grocery shopping done and then go to church.  I want to swing by Liz’s and drop the stuff off i have for her.


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