A Pretty good day

Despite the gloomy day I had a good one.  I was busy for the entire day.  A number of my colleagues returned from vacation and were happy to see know I was back.

I was pretty proud that I brought brought my lunch from home and probably saved $10 or $12 bucks.  i am doing it again tomorrow too.  I have to think about things other than tuna fish or cheese sandwiches but that will probably be the case for tomorrow.

I was trying to arrange a carpool ride  for the funeral but some may not return to the office and some others are not driving.   I may have to go myself.

I made a stop at the dollar store down the street from the house and they did a complete remodeling it looks better than it did back in Dec.  I picked up a red garbage can for the kitchen.  The one that was under the sink is totally useless and I find myself wasting bags and so that’s why I got a new one.  It was about $10.

When I got home the kitties were waiting for me.  I think my jacket scares them for some reason.  they scattered for a little bit.  THat’s when I saw it.  a fairly good size piece of broken glass.  I looked around to see if anything was broken and there was nothing.  My guess is it was part of the dome on the antique clock that I never picked up or it was part of something from upstairs (the vase I accidently broke a few months back.  Needless to say it was thrown away.

Dinner was steak and roasted potatoes with broccoli and cheese and chips, and ice cream.  Now I have to think about tomorrow’s dinner.  I have been wanting to make spaghetti but most times i end up having a frozen dinner with some sort of pasta in it.

I put some laundry through tonight.  Just a couple of small loads so it doesn’t build up.  I just have to fold what comes out of it.  It can wait until the morning.

Well I hope your Monday was a pleasant one.  Its still raining out.  It looks like its raining hard but I can’t hear it falling on the windows or the roofs.  It is supposed to end by midnight.


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