This morning is the funeral

This morning was my friend’s husband’s funeral at the cemetery  It was raining for most of the morning and by the time we left the office it stopped. It was a brief service.

Well we got the thunder and lightening storm around 1:30 this morning.  The kitties handled it very well.  They looked around a couple of times and just laid down and went back to sleep.  They stayed there until about 4 and 5.

Since I have been up I had clean out the boxes.  I found Sky sitting in the box.  Something I haven’t noticed him doing in a long time.  He is calling me now to get ready for work.  ANyway for the second or third day he got into the cellar.  He tried again before I came upstairs after he nearly fell out of my arms and into the cleaning bucket.  He didn’t get hurt luckily.

I wasn’t terribly happy to hear about the latest listeria product recall.  I just finished up the blue bell ice cream sandwiches.  Then I heard it can affect those with weakened immune systems.  actually I don’t see the sandwiches on the list so maybe I won’t die yet.

well sky is meowing at me to get going so I will see you later…


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