Earth Day 2015

Yesterday was absolutely a beautiful day.  the sun was shining and the temperatures were warmer than expected.   However it would change by the end of the day as rain was predicted for the end of the day into the evening.  It rained for a few hours yet I could see a partial sun set in the southern western sky.  It was pretty.  Of course it won’t be like that for the rest of the week.

I saw the Dr. yesterday and he said I sound good.  Heart was strong and breathing fine. He says I have post nasal drip and suggested I take allergy meds that  don’t have the decongestant in it because they would make my heart race.  He also said the inhalants would do the same thing.   The only thing I didn’t tell him was the fact I kept dozing yesterday morning while driving to work (usually at stop signs).  I was fine driving back from the Dr and on the way home.  However, my friend LA was not happy with me.  I am hoping I won’t do it again today.

Work was fine.  I didn’t get a lot done because I was out for those two hours but there didn’t seem to be a lot of regular mail but I am still working on the readdress mail and there is a lot.  Especially when add the stuff from the daily mail.

We did find out that one of our administrators lost their mother in the last couple of days so there was a collection going around.  The collection was to go to SPCA.

I actually did notice there was an energy going on.  I may have mentioned it before the morale at the office hasn’t been great over the months and that’s for a lot of reasons.  Unfortunately and I am sure it happens every where that everyone blames everyone else for not doing their job on some level when it is has to do with patient accounts. Especially dealing with insurance companies.  They all have quotas to make.  i am glad i don’t have to their jobs.  I have my own problems.

I sent a mid week email to Jim yesterday.  I hadn’t really talked with him since the weekend (except for his sharing links with me via Facebook).  We basically talked about the kitties vomiting.  He said it is common for kittens and not to really worry about.

On my way home I stopped at Liz’s.  She had company and they were trying to get MOm’s old sewing machine going and they were not that successful.  So they were going to JoAnn’s and get some advice.  I let Liz know about the Dr. appointment.

The kitties are quiet right now but they have been kind of funny.  One night they spent most of their night sleeping downstairs and last night they were cuddly until about 11.  They came back a few times before 5 this morning.  Sky was punctual as usual he got me up at 5.  One of them got sick again yesterday this time in the back room.  It wasn’t as bad as the other day but I felt bad anyway.

Finally I am sending out prayers to my friend Nancy and her family as they mourn the loss of her Mom Ruth Ann.  Ruth Ann who was 94 passed away yesterday morning.  I knew something was going on when she kept changing her profile pictures on Facebook in the last couple of days.  The first message came from Nancy’s daughter and then later from Nancy.

I talked with Roberta last night.  She is fine but her niece passed away last week and the funeral was on Friday.  We basically got caught up with each other’s lives.  She is hoping to come over tonight and see the kitties.

Its now getting late I have to get ready for work.  Have a great Thursday.  I will have my Thankful Thursday posted soon.


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