Plans changed

Last night Roberta and I made plans to get together tonight and continue catching up.  So when I came home I straightened up the living room a little and got dinner and finished writing up previous entry.  Unfortunately, something came up and she couldn’t make it but she called around 8 and explained what happened (Hubby was helping SIL with computer issues)and Roberta wanted to be a buffer.  We made plans to get together on Saturday.

I also had to make a phone call to UConn Health tonight but it got as far as an emergency line.  They called last week twice for Mom for an appointment reminder.  I couldn’t get the number or the doctor so when I receive the letter I wanted to let them know Mom and passed away.  They suggested I call tomorrow morning by 7:30.  I will have to do it when I get to the office.

I spent most of the night downstairs watching TV and surfing the net.  I had been hearing about a Full House re-boot and so I watched the original tonight and then got online and found this out:  They are going to have DJ be a widowed mother with two kids and one on the way and Kimmy (ANdrea BArber looks a lot different now) and stephanie move in with her to help take care of the kids.  John Stamos is producing it and will make an occasional appearance.  There is some question as to whether or not other castmates will.  It is supposed to be for next season I think.

There is another show Girl Meets world which is spinoff of BOy meets world this time Cory and Topanga are parents and have a daughter and they experience parenting/family life.  I have only seen it a few times and I think its on NICK.

Well I am getting tired and Miss Tiger is curling up by my legs and settling in for the night and so now is Sky.  So I will say good night.


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