The Weekend

I am really glad this weekend came and went.  I had a fairly decent sleep going into Friday but it felt like I was going to the bathroom the night before t.  some feel this isn’t good and some say its the water I have been drinking.  The other thing is i have been having muscle spasms in the backs of my legs and they hurt.  Usually at night when I try and move around the kittens in bed but it happened on Saturday too.

I also kept having coughing fits throughout the day Friday and did a lot of sleeping the entire weekend.  At night I would cough whenever I opened my mouth to talk.  I finally after  being urged by a coworker to get to a doctor i made some calls and got to internal med yesterday afternoon.  Of course I went home and rested but didn’t cough the entire freaking time.   I did get a chest x-ray and they sent me home even though the doctor told me to come back.  I wasn’t happy about that because they called me and asked me why I didn’t return.  Liz was able to get my new meds for me.  Of course I  kept her in the loop.  I fully expect to be back at work tomorrow.

The two bright spot of the entire weekend is I had dinner with my friends Mike and Roberta at Texas Road House on Saturday. We each had something different.  We started off with their

Cactus Onion.  Then salads for most of us.  Mike had the salmon and Roberta and I each had a steak.  WE were so full we didn’t have dessert.  After that we came home and we watched TV.  They got to see the kitties (albeit in the dark).

the other bright spot was the 4th District meeting.  They were all glad to have me return and voted me and two others in as members.  I have also retained secretary status which means everything is normal.   I didn’t get home until Friday night.   It looks like LIz and I will be present at the HS’s awards presentation when they present the scholarship/award in Mom’s Name.  I also have to get sympathy cards for our friends Nancy and her family and of course Mayor Blake and his family.  I actually have to write up the minutes.

I emailed Jim during the weekend and it took him until yesterday to reply.  I was getting a little nervous as he usually answers quicker than that.  At times my imagination was going to a dark place.  He seemed alright.

Like I mentioned Liz stopped by yesterday on her way to a meeting to drop off the med.  She is recovering from bronchitis again too.  I just called and she is sleeping still.  She must have done too much yesterday.

Wow I never remember this much of the weekend two days into a new week.  I should be able to more often.

Well I am going to get going.


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