All My Blathering

For all my blather about doing things this morning like shopping or attending the kite flying contest or the other things Milford had scheduled for today.  I didn’t go out until about 3 in the afternoon.  Instead watched TV.  Did a little bit of straightening and stuff.  I did order Liz’s Lunch for her and it was ready for her when she got there.

It was nearly 60 degrees out.  I went to the pet supply store and got the kitten’s food.  They were having a dog adoption out in the parking lot and there were some really cute puppies and older dogs.  Several  of them had already been adopted and I got to pet the ones that were there and I even got kissed by a couple.  I was afraid the kittens would be put off.  They didn’t give a damn.  They are sitting here sleeping on the bed now.

I just talked to LIz.  We are not having dinner (which I figured that from the last conversation) tonight but she is heading back to the hospital to be with Nel.  THey are moving him to another room like I mentioned last time.  When she is finished there she has to do her IV for two hours.  My hope is I can see her tomorrow after church and before food shopping and of course between her visits to the hospital.

I heard from Jim.  He didn’t have internet this morning and expected it back late this afternoon.  He was glad I called and told me that he read a couple of short stories he wrote at a coffee house and it went well.  MY hope is the next time I hear from him he will answer the question/invite to the awards presentations.  A subject I still need to discuss with LIz.

I heard from Dr. T this afternoon regarding the dates for Spring Dance.  She picked the June date but hasn’t heard from them yet.  I am relieved about that I didn’t want to miss Bryan’s party.  I just hope I am not too busy for that weekend as it is the weekend of Liz’s party.

I am going to order pizza.  Then watch TV for a while.  I think I have a couple of letters to write anyway.  I need to update my pen pal blog.


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